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Place of Origin:Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Webitelecomms
Products name:cold aisle / Data center
Material:SPCC cold rolled steel or EG steel
Package::assemble or dis-assemble
Colour:black, gery ,white etc
Aisle wgoods_idth:1200 mm
Plinth height:100 mm
Fire protection:Gas fire-proof

Product Description

The Aisle-Cocooning System is a cold aisle containment solution that provides segregation of   cold aisle air flow from hot aisle exhaust air, in data centers.


This  protects equipment against damage, prolongs equipment life, reduces the load on the computer room air conditioning and saves energy, reducing carbon footprint.

You can choose between two types of cocooning:

  • Passive - quick-fit overhead panels that are fixed in place

  • Active - quick-fit overhead panels that open automatically in case of fire, allowing overhead fire suppresent into the aisles

The whole infrastructure is:

  • Modular

  • Quick-Fit

  • Effective

  • Re-locatable

  • Inexpensive

How does it work?

The Aisle-Cocoon concept is technically elegant. Stated simply, all significant air pathways from the hot aisle to the cold aisle are blocked.

The   aisle containment solution from Webitelecomms provides a system of overhead aisle panels and aisle end doors which effectively seal off, usually the cold aisle.

This ensures that the cold air emitted from the floor is sealed in a "cocoon" and is therefore unaffected by hot exhaust air.

The   cooling air can only exit through the equipment for which it is   intended.

All Aisle-Cocooning components such as overhead panels and aisle end doors are fixed to the cabinet bay structure alone and not connected to the room structure.


  • Segregated cold aisle air flow from hot aisle air flow

  • Maximises cooling effect of cold aisle

  • Reduces workload of computer room air conditioning

  • Reduces energy cost

  • Reduces carbon footprint

  • Passive cocooning versions

  • Active cocooning versions with automated panel opening for instances of fire

  • Totally integrated with cabinet infrastructure

  • Not connected to the building

  • Can be quickly installed

  • Easily relocated

  • CannonGuard remote management upgrades

  • Can be retrofitted to existing bays of enclosures with the use of customising kits

  • Within aisle lighting upgrades


  • Fully compatible with Webit WB-SA or WB-9F series

  • Modular overhead cocooning panels, with Quick-Fit mounting pins

  • High transparency polycarbonate glazing in panels

  • Alternative panel materials: wired glass or steel

  • Standard aisle widths include 1200mm and 1800mm; alternative aisle widths available

  • Cocooning panels to match cabinet widths (600mm, 700mm and 800mm)

  • Alternative cocooning panel widths available

  • Hinge door or sliding aisle end doors

  • Half glazed end doors for increased damage resistance

  • Remote temperature monitoring of various aisle points using WebitGuard (optional upgrade)

  • Active cocooning panels opened by electronic actuators for sprinkler water ingress

  • Will fit any cabinet size

  • Can be extended to form a complete data center 'pod' for disaster recovery development or temporary use

Aisle width: 1200 mm

Rised floor

Front sliding doors