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Place of Origin:Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Webitelecomms
Certificate:CE,ISO, ROHS,SGS

Product Description

What is a data center containment ?

Data center containment was built for centralized monitoring and management.

All the network equipments are perfectly placed and stopped cabling everywhere,especially fiber optic.

Every Webitelecomms cabinets is connected and leased to users for technical and Internet applications.

Cabinets are spaced into groups , commonly 2 rows cabinets apart a 1200 mm aisle for users. ( 2 standard raised floor tiles)

What is data center containment used for ?
 Primarily , the containment was built as space to be perfectly protected in terms of security, uninterrupted power supply and with adequate capacity of communication lines 

Later,Studies have found that up to 70% of energy costs in data centers is directed towards cooling and air management.

In a typical data center without containment, It comes with high load running for air conditioner , which result in short lifespan of equipment.

While Data center containment fully separates the cold supply airflow from the hot equipment exhaust air.

This simple separation creates a uniform and predictable supply temperature to the intake of IT equipment as well as a warmer, drier return air to the AC coil.

Sample reference

Webitelecomms team built sample for reference

# Cold aisle


COLD AISLE (2).jpg


Cold aisle - 1200mm

Security sliding door - Card access

Safty control - fire fighting linkage roof

Data Cabinet

Sliding dual doors which are fixed to Webitelecomms data centers with safety clear glass filling.
A standard version is suitable for 1200 mm wide aisle for 42, 45 and 47 Units.
There is also a version of the self-closing (with motor powering), electrical (opens by motion sensor) and other solutions.

Door security as per your need.


Smoke warning [optional accessories]

A smoke detector is used to senses smoke, typically as an indicator of fire.

Commercial and residential security devices issue a signal to a fire alarm control panel as part of a fire alarm system, while household detectors,

known as smoke alarms, generally issue a local audible or visual alarm from the detector itself.

Below data will indicator how Webitlelecomms scheduled.
 (please excuse the standards are subject to change without notice)

Input Voltage

DC battery

Static Current


Alarm Current


Operating Humidity


Operating Temperature

-5- +55 ℃

Alarm Output

Sound &Flash Alarm

Detecting area

60 square meter (with 4 meter height)

Alarm Sound Level

≥85dB / m

Transmitting Frequency

315MHz or 433MHz

Unobstructed Effective Transmitting Range

100 meter

Coding Mode

 2262/1527/ Floating code



Container roof is made of safety perspex/toughed glass in metallic frame , to form an airflow aisle allowing heating/cooling easily.

For 1200 mm aisle , 600 or 800 with Webitelecomms roof is widely used as standard.
Typically the magnetic switch is equipped with aisle roof , which is used for containment safety #fire control# ,

the smoke sensor offers signal to control magnetic switch , CO2 gas ( user’s) access into the self-opening roof to anti-fire.

Raised floor tech info [optional accessories]
Raised floor used to provide an anti-static environment for airflow cycle. 

Besides, this type of underway air distribution support for buried cabling solution, which usually consists of 2x2 feet or 60x60 cm.

The height is required by cables / other service beneath, typically between 6~12 cm

*Standard for reference only



Impact Load

Ultimate Load

Uniform Load

Rolling Load/N




















Power distribution unit [optional - refer to PDU line ]
IMG_5998 副本.jpg

Smart power system brings great convenience for data center. High consumption can be well metered and monitored, controlled.